Sunday, June 30, 2019

"BonnGasse Twenty" For Solo Piano (Susanne Kessell's Beethoven Project)

"BonnGasse Twenty"

For Solo Piano

Part of Susanne Kessell's 250 Piano Pieces for Beethoven Project

Bil Smith Composer


Thursday, June 27, 2019

"Lucy's Sequenza" for Trumpet

"Everlest" for Pocket Flugelhorn. A Circos Tablature System.

"Everlest" for Pocket Flugelhorn

Beginning in 2012, composers at Laboratorie New Music have been working on modifications of the Circos program to create a systematic, fluid tablature system to facilitate compositional structure.  

The notion to explore this powerful visualization tool came about from a separate study we were conducting on the implications of 'Big Data' on outcomes relating to visualization and experimental musical tablatures.

The potential of big data is immense.  Eliminate constraints on the size, type, source and complexity of relevant data, and composers can ask bolder questions. Technology limitations that once required sampling or relied on assumptions to simplify high-density data sets have fallen to the march of technology. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

"On The Threshing Floor" for Electric Guitar

3D Printing of Musical Instruments: Images, Technologies, Whitepaper & Recording

3D Printed Sax and Trumpet

I recently posted a recording on SoundCloud (see below) which was inspired by my research into 3D printing of musical instruments.  

3D Printed Flute

MIT Media Lab

A visit to MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts was a trigger to allow me to investigate the possibilities of incorporating such instruments into a recent commission.

3D Ideated Valve Instrument

3D Printed Violin

Paper Written by Arvid Jense (Link Below)

I am attaching a link to a PDF from Arvid Jense at the University of Twente which provides an excellent overview to this nascent, radical technology.


Milford Graves
My Recording on SoundCloud:  “Equivalent Ideation & Lost Gill-Slits” (2013) using 3D Printed Instruments

Bil Smith Composer

For Two String Quartets and Two Jazz Quintets featuring:

Quatuor Diotima (::discourse::) Radikant; Oliver Lake (Saxophones); Roscoe Mitchell (Woodwinds. 3D Ideated Instruments); Bil Smith (3D Pocket Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Percussion); William Parker (Bass); Amina Claudine Myers (Piano); Milford Graves (Drums, Percussion, 3D Ideated Instruments)

T’Ang Quartette; Evan Parker (Saxophones); Manfred Schoof (Trumpet); Maarten van Regteren Altena (Bass); Alt Koom (Percussion)
Han Bennink (Drums, Percussion)

Recording: Funkhaus Nalepastrasse, Berlin. March 12, 2013

The genesis of this composition emanates from my early music experiences as a free jazz trumpet player. Ornette Coleman’s Double Quartet and the seminal recording “Free Jazz”; Horatiu Radulescu’s musical treatise “Sound Plasma” and artist Mark Rothko all have a profound influence in the evolution of this work.

Listen On Soundcloud: