Friday, June 10, 2016

Compositional Methods (not just theory) For Serialism Pertaining To Rhythmic Cells

Maderna subjects the twelve-tone series to a process of order permutation, using a technique he developed

Brien Southward, Composer and Linguist posed an interesting question the other day I have previously encountered with composition students and I wanted to share several resources which I have found most helpful.

"Clause Z.3 : Duralumin Bushido"  Bil Smith Composer for String Quartet

"Clause Z.3 : Duralumin Bushido"  Bil Smith Composer

His question...

Bibliography request of my music friends: do you know of any books/articles specifically about compositional methods (not just theory) for serialism, especially pertaining to rhythmic cells or percussion?

Accent and Grouping Structures…Bartok”

“Rotational Strategy”

“A study of twelve-tone technique in selected pieces: Hans Joachim Koellreutter and César Guerra-Peixe.”

A Theory of Pitch-Class-Set Extension in Atonal Music Written by  

“Solemn Play” by Harrison

“the influence of luigi dallapiccola on bruno maderna’s early serialism by sebastiano bisciglia”

Liner Notes from Percussionique

.. correlation between the string slide formations in musical pitch and the architecture of the Philips Pavilion, originating in Xenakis' composition and ..

Defining a Style: The Role of Rhythm in Motivic and Formal
Cohesion in the Music of György Ligeti

            Algorithmic Composition: Computational Thinking in Music

“Manuel de Falla’s Cuatro Piezas Españolas: Combinations and Transformations of the Spanish Folk Modes”


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