Monday, July 3, 2017

"Models of Interaction in Works for Piano and Live Electronics" by Xenia Pestova (PDF Document)

"Models of Interaction in Works for Piano and Live Electronics" 

by  Xenia Pestova

Link to PDF Document:

This document is written from a performer’s perspective, and focuses on three works for piano and computer-based live electronics: Cortazar, ou quarto com caixa vazia by Silvio Ferraz (Brazil), ZellenLinien by Hans Tutschku (Germany), and Song from the Moment by Bryan Jacobs (USA). 

These pieces are placed in an historical context of the growing field of electronic music performance, particularly involving acoustic instruments and computer-based live electronics. The basic concepts of interaction in live electronic music are introduced through a review of literature and repertoire related to the field. 

The three pieces are then examined in terms of the electronic transformations used, synchronization methods with the computer, and performance practice issues. The author introduces “Models of Interaction” in order to illustrate comparisons with traditional performance practice. 

The results of this research show that performers working on live electronic repertoire must integrate new approaches in addition to building on existing skills. For composers, the creative process of writing for instruments and live electronics can entail working closely with performers in order to exploit the expressive possibilities of the instrument and successfully incorporate physical aspects of instrumental writing with technology. 

The final observations are aimed at both performers and composers wishing to develop an approach to integrating piano and live electronics.

- Xenia Pestova

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