Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Equilibrado". Louise Wei Composer


for Baritone Horn & Alto Flute

Louise Wei, Composer


"Twose" for Piccolo and a Word on 'Trauma Theory'

"Twose" for Piccolo

Compositional skepticism, whether of the anarchic or the methodical kind, has challenged the possibility of certain knowledge. 

Trauma theory introduces a psychoanalytic skepticism as well, which does not give up on sounds but suggests the existence of a traumatic kind, one that cannot be made entirely conscious, in the sense of being fully retrieved or communicated without distortion.

We have only a beginning, something like a hyper-community of musical explorers. The theory derives mainly from psychoanalytic sources, though it is strongly affected by compositional practice. 

It recasts, in effect, an older question: what kind of music is art, or what kind of music does it foster?

The theory holds that the music of trauma, or the music which comes from that source, is composed of two contradictory elements. One is the traumatic event, registered rather than experienced. It seems to have bypassed perception and consciousness, and falls directly into the psyche. 

The other is a kind of memory of the event, in the form of a perpetual troping of it by the bypassed or severely split (dissociated) psyche.

"Topped Out" for Guitar, Accordion, Viola and Violin

"Topped Out" 

for Guitar, Accordion, Viola and Violin

Bil Smith Composer


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

"Split By An Immense Roar" for Chamber Orchestra, et al

"Split By An Immense Roar" for Chamber Orchestra, et al: 
Bil Smith Composer (2014)
Compositional Concept Funded and Devised by Louise Lord. 
Execution by Jeorne Balette (IRCAM). With assistance from the NYPD, Johnson Tremidy, Donald Foerbasch, Radio France, Verizon and The Locke Family.
Phasation Two: The meaning of compositional content of this experience is corporeal. 
It seems to be in a category all of it's own; categorized with it's descriptions of essence; description is to be extolled for it's accuracy, effectiveness and aptness. Add kinesthetic and synesthetic aspect of the very absence of certainty and uncertainty.
Thematic cues from the following:
Asthenolagnia...Autem Morte...Attractancy...Atracador...Auto-Onanism...Auxocyte...Avisodomy...Axillism...Ayuga...Azona...

The recording On SoundCloud:

Large Format Score: Revised "Swellow" For Three Trumpets: F Trumpet, E# Trumpet and G Trumpet

Swellow.  Large Format Score for three trumpets: DETAIL
Swellow.  Large Format Score for three trumpets

Performance A:  The Parlor, Soho, NY. NY.  June 3 2014

Performance B: Beall Concert Hall, University of Oregon.  June 4 2014

Performance C: Davis Museum. Wellesley College. June 5 2014

Performance D: NYU Langone Medical Center. June 6 2014

Swellow.  Large Format Score for three trumpets: DETAIL

Swellow.  Large Format Score for three trumpets: DETAIL

Swellow.  Large Format Score for three trumpets: DETAIL

Swellow.  Large Format Score for three trumpets: DETAIL

Swellow.  Large Format Score for three trumpets: DETAIL

Lodestar One. Bil Smith Composer

Where there is so much talk of liberation there are sure to be very disturbing reverberations within the world of established, acceptable criteria. The liberation of words, objects, sounds, etc., should be seen as different from the confusions surrounding the idea of making them free. They are already free, before anyone ever thinks of using them. The idea of them being liberated is relative to the use that they have been put to (and enslaved by) in the past.

They cannot be more free than they are, but they can be liberated from their conceptual inheritance, and we from ours. That is the point at which we can realize that we are already as free as words, objects, and sounds are. Everything is then free to move in all directions to all meanings.
Earle Brown, 1965

"Similar Monomania" For Orchestra and Seven (7) Pianos. Bil Smith Composer

"Similar Monomania" For Orchestra and Seven Pianos (2012). Bil Smith Composer
Supported by a contribution from Balenciaga and Chief Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière.
"Remarkably comfortable with causation, he seems to be moving through some ritual process that explodes into life threatening chaos at any moment. It's tempting to talk about shamanic journeys. The absence of a prevailing stylistic orthodoxy is striking"
- Clive Bell on Bil Smith's "Similar Monomania" for Wire

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