Friday, May 19, 2017

Extended Techniques for Saxophone: An Approach Through Musical Examples by Patrick Murphy

Extended Techniques for Saxophone:

 An Approach Through Musical Examples 

by Patrick Murphy

"Being Forced to Drop Out"

"Being Forced to Drop Out" (2010-2013) - Bil Smith Composer
A Work Commissioned by InterPublic Group (IPG) for piano, modified piano, toy piano, piano annointe, and tape.
"Bil Smith's work was ultimately an investigation into the essence of modern life, distilled through notions of synchronicity and dynamism. At the heart of his synaesthetic credo, sound is an aspect of the vibrational continuum; hence no difference is made between music and noise emanating from the intonarumori.
He (Smith) relentlessly cross-references sources, suggests unexpected associations and unearths exceptional archival material."
- Olga Bloom, Founder of Barge Music
RECORDING on SoundCloud:

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday, May 6, 2017

"Allinity" for B Flat Trumpet

"UPre" for Craft Ensemble. The Score. Bil Smith Composer


For Craft Ensemble

Bil Smith Composer


Future Retraction, March 2016
Reformulated, June, 2016

Commissioned by The Duke Endowment

"Thrones De Los Cantares". A Micro-Opera. The New Recording

"Thrones De Los Cantares" (A Micro-Opera)

for 27 Voices (inclusive of Coloratura Soprano, Lyric Soprano, Heldentenor, Contralto, Baryton-Noble, Basso Buffo, Dugazon Soprano), Grapheticist*, and Chamber Ensemble. (Synthesis by Transient Drawing and Particle Cloning).

*Grapheticists are practitioners of Graphetics which is a branch of linguistics concerned with the analysis of the physical properties of shapes used in writing. It is an etic study, meaning that it has an outsider's perspective and is not concerned with any particular writing system. It is contrasted with the related emic field of graphemics, the study of the relation between different shapes in particular writing systems.  Graphetics is analogous to phonetics; graphetics is to the study of writing as phonetics is to the study of spoken language.
As such, it can be divided into two areas, visual graphetics and mechanical graphetics, which are analogous to auditory and articulatory phonetics, respectively. Both printed and handwritten language can be the subject of graphetic study.
The recording:

Every semiotic segment produced by the contemporary composer must meet and match innumerable other semiotic segments in order to form the combinatory frame of the sonic commodity, musico-capital.
Musico-capital puts neuro-psychic energies to work, submitting them to mechanistic speed, compelling cognitive activity to follow the rhythm of networked performance. As a result, the emotional sphere linked with aural comprehension is stressed to its limit. ​

Friday, May 5, 2017

Start of a New Project for Flute, Clarinet and a Neologistic Tablature Lexicon

Recording: "Neural Intervals And Barium Infused Automatons" (2014) Bil Smith Composer

 "Neural Intervals And Barium Infused Automatons" (2014)
Composition for Cello, Chamber Ensemble, Inverted Equilibrium Sonic Pendulum, Exocyclic Trumpet in B flat, Schilke b3l Tunable Beryllium Bell Trumpet, Elliot Easton SG Custom OHSC Electric Guitar, Zildjian 22″ C2 Gong / Cymbal, LP Galaxy Giovanni Tumbadora, Retrosium Flute and ROLI Seaboard Grand.
From the performance notes/depiction of the Inverted Equilibrium Sonic Pendulum and the Cello:
We have executed a control method for maintaining an inverted pendulum in the unstable equilibrium position. This application is a classic lesson in control science, frequently utilized in ballistic guidance. In the case of the Cello, the proportional-integral-derivative (PID) method was implemented in LabWindows and intendulum with test mass. Once optimal parameters for the algorithm were established, trials were conducted in which individual gain constants were varied while controlling string and bow pressure to observe changes in instrument behavior.
When applying bow pressure, vector fields can have several special points: a stable point, called a sink, that attracts in all directions (forcing the concentrations to be at a certain value), an unstable point, either a source or a saddle point which repels (forcing the concentrations to change away from a certain value), and a limit cycle, a closed trajectory towards which several trajectories spiral towards (making the concentrations oscillate).
Repostulate in a alternative tablature system; topological models of morphogenesis.

On SoundCloud:

"DragonButter" for Kingma Contrabass Flute

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Idle Composing

Recording: “Olivia Fortitude” (2005-2013) Bil Smith Composer

“Olivia Fortitude”


Bil Smith Composer.

Tape, Polymorphous Tape, Behavioral Tape, Tape Procession. 

Commissioned by BHP Billiton Ltd., Andrew Mackenzie

Total = Four Tapes. 

The ideas in my work are on a continuum, engaged with the issues of our time but also conceptually and formally evolving out of my earliest encounters with other artists and composers.
This work unflinchingly scrutinizes the effects of age and experience on skin and tissue to invite a deeper reflection on temporality and a more intimate encounter between the listener and the composition.
Toward the end of this work, I attempt to empty original functions and significances, so they may invite new narratives and categorizations.