Sunday, September 30, 2018

"Spomata- Freemano" A Compaction Music. (Recording:13 seconds)


A Compaction Music

Bil Smith Composer

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Reductionists are those who take one theory or phenomenon to be reducible to some other theory or phenomenon. For example, a reductionist regarding mathematics might take any given mathematical theory to be reducible to logic or set theory. 

Or, a reductionist about biological entities like cells might take such entities to be reducible to collections of physico-chemical entities like atoms and molecules. 

The type of reductionism that is currently of most interest in metaphysics and philosophy of mind involves the claim that all sciences are reducible to physics. This is usually taken to entail that all phenomena (including mental phenomena like consciousness) are identical to physical phenomena.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

"Heavy Sedans and Empty Stockades". For Solo Piano. Score Download Available - 4,378 Pages

Score Download Here:

Due to the size of the PDF file, it is not available for preview on the Google drive, however the download option is available. 

"Heavy Sedans and Empty Stockades"

For Solo Piano.  

Bil Smith Composer


The Score:  4,378 Pages

Printed in an Edition of Five (5) with One (1) Composer's Proof

Printed on Hahnehumle German Bright Paper
Tribeca Printworks, Printer

Recording on Laboratorie New Music Editions February, 2017.

A commission from Total, S.A.

Select excerpts from the score.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

"Naked At Their Humid, Echoing Recreation". The Score for Cello and Kyma

"Naked At Their Humid, Echoing Recreation". 


The Score for Cello and Kyma

Bil Smith Composer


Commissioned by Fresenius

Published by LNM Editions