Friday, March 25, 2016

RECORDING: "Similar Monomania" with the support of Nicolas Ghesquière and Balenciaga

"Similar Monomania" For Orchestra and Seven Pianos (2012). 

Bil Smith Composer
Supported by a contribution from Balenciaga and Chief Creative Director Nicolas 
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"Remarkably comfortable with causation, he seems to be moving through some ritual process that explodes into life threatening chaos at any moment. It's tempting to talk about shamanic journeys. The absence of a prevailing stylistic orthodoxy is striking"

- Clive Bell on Bil Smith's "Similar Monomania" for Wire

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Some of You Have Wondered if My Statements of Compositional Awesomeness was Meant as a Joke.

Some of you have wondered if my statements of compositional awesomeness was meant as a joke. 

Am I trying to be funny? 

Am I making some sort of statement on the nature of modern celebrity? 

Am I a musical iconoclast, gleefully destroying the sanctity of composition? 

What in the world am I doing! 

Here is a tip: 

The way to know if someone on the Internet is being funny is to look for the smiley face emoticons. Do you see any smiley face emoticons? 

No, you don’t. Pretentious postmodern narcissists never joke.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

"Stand Corrected". Une nouvelle praxis de Laboratorie New Music.

"Stand Corrected". Une nouvelle praxis de Laboratorie New Music.

First Up... "Enter the Viola. Alone."  ...  later this evening

String theory is an area of research in theoretical physics (SonicPhysics) that seeks to unite quantum mechanics - our current theory of very small objects - with general relativity - our current theory of very large objects.

"Stand Corrected" A 'continuism'...the notion of virtuality permits us to reverse the signs. 

Apply liberally to composition

"It's a typical , everyday one night thing"

-Ja Rule

Notational Architectonic