Monday, December 30, 2019

Unplayable, Playable Composition: Disruptive Ideation

During a lecture last week, I challenged the notion of creating the unplayable work. This is not new...consider Cage's Freeman Etudes. 

Cage, himself thought the work to be unplayable. I participated in Irvine Arditti's morning sessions at Darmstadt in 2012 at the Orangerie and his performance of the etudes that evening in concert.

When we consider the concept of a work being "unplayable"  we may take it a step further; what if the instrument as we know it today, is not physically capable of execution.

Herein lies the opportunity to define an ideated system of change.

"Patch" for B Flat Trumpet

Minuet For Piano

Friday, December 27, 2019

Fanfare Elegante. A Piano Fanfare for Milan Fashion Week, 2016.

Fanfare Elegante

For Piano

Bil Smith Composer

A Piano Fanfare for Milan Fashion Week, 2016

Commissioned by Prada S.p.A.

The PDF Score Link

"There's No One In The Park's Corridors" . The Recording

"There's No One In The Park's Corridors" 
Bil Smith Composer
ForTwo Chamber Orchestras, Brady Cedar Wattle Block 6.5x14 Snare Drum, Gretsch Solid Phosphorus Bronze G-4000 Series 6.5x14 Snare Drum, Dunnett Titanium 6.5x14 Snare Drum, Prototype Ludwig Supraphonic Snare Drum LM 400, Dunnett T3 Titanium Tourbillon Snare Drum, Tycoon Percussion 4" Siam Oak Temple Wood Block, Toca Two Tone Percussion Wood Blocks T-2111, LP Latin Percussion LPA211 Aspire Large Wood Block and Marimba
On SoundCloud:

"Surfaces For Inscription". For String Quartet. The Full PDF Score

"Surfaces For Inscription"

 For String Quartet

Bil Smith Composer

A Commission from Royal Mail PLC

Published on LNM Editions

Link To The Full PDF Score

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Transformative New Composition Tablatures With Circos (2020)

"Some Nebulous Northern Realm"
For Cadential Trombone, Alto Flute and Timpani

"The Cyclone Fence Enclosing Us"
For Piano, Celeste, Spring Drum and Quito (Conga)

"Farthest From Hideous Old"
For Tuba, Spinet Piano and Harp
"Safe Negatives"
For English Horn and Flugelhorn
"They Passed A Clean White Truck Which Was A Wall of Perfect Cream"
For String Trio
"Repulse Bay"
For Oboe

"Listening To Truck Thuds On The Concrete Over My Head"
For Trombone Trio

"Ease of Patient Recruitment" for C Trumpet. Bil Smith Composer

"Ease of Patient Recruitment" for C Trumpet.  
Bil Smith Composer. 2015.  
Premiere February 25, 2015 at SpaceX Performance Center, Hawthorne California.

Excerpt from "Phylostatics" for Viola

"Noche". For String Trio. PDF Link To The Full Score.


For String Trio.

Cello, Viola, Violin.

Bil Smith Composer


A Commission from Icelandic Water

Link: The Full Score

Monday, December 23, 2019

Updated: The Composer's Sketch Book. Bil Smith Composer.

In the past several years, I have been conducting lectures on a number of compositional topics at
Yale, Pace University, University of Chicago, UCLA, University of Miami, North Texas State University, and Cal State Northridge.  ("Alternative Music Tablature Design"; "Dystopian Music; Tactile and Object Oriented Composition"; ""Qualitative Perspectivisation and Syntactic Nomenclature: New Words, New Ecosystems in Notational Systems").

The subject of compositional mapping with a specific focus on strategic and tactical planning of a new project is a prime discussion point.  Ironically, I do believe that are lessons to be found in business fundamentals that can assist us in a systematic methodology which can help stimulate the creative process.

I am posting some pictures from my sketchbooks which draw from the origins of my work.  It's a gallery of photos.