Wednesday, June 29, 2022

As A Post-Conceptual Composer...

As a post-conceptual composer I have no control over the way a listener will perceive my work. 

Anything that calls attention to and interests the listener lends understanding to the composition or at least positions it in a paradoxical situation (such as logic vs. illogic). Some of my ideas are logical in conception and realization. Some emphasize the physical aspects of the listener engendering a (potentially false) belief that the composer is in favor of avoiding subjectivity. And yet, other ideas can obviate the necessity of a belief entirely.

Like good movie making, post-conceptual composition is good only when the “after idea” is good. Consider the story of an editor. He has escaped into some other era where writers work feverishly to develop a cure for the total work. In fact, it is intuitive. It is involved with all types of mental processes. And it is purposeful.

A Short Drama For Oboe. (An Epicedium)

"A Preface To Brain Ferneyhough's String Quartet No. 6"
 (To be performed immediately prior to the performance)

Friday, June 10, 2022

"Naked At Their Humid, Echoing Recreation". The Score for Cello and Kyma

"Naked At Their Humid, Echoing Recreation". 


The Score for Cello and Kyma

Bil Smith Composer

Commissioned by Fresenius

Published by LNM Editions

"Dimidius" for Solo Piano


For Piano

Bil Smith Composer

Commissioned by Scapa Group PLC