Friday, December 15, 2017

“Eseltelle Genève” for 2 Orchestras. Bil Smith Composer. Recording on Laboratorie New Music Label: Comment by Bansky

“Eseltelle Genève” for 2 Orchestras. 
Bil Smith Composer
                                          Commissioned by Boston Scientific and RyanAir.                                                                                                                                                                                                             RECORDING on SoundCloud: 

“Eseltelle Genève” for 2 Orchestras: setting for Orchestra II.  Bodø, Norway
At a lecture, overheated and exhausted I begin to explain how music is “formally evil.”   In music, a subject picks out another imperfect subject to raise above all else; everything in the universe is forfeit for the sake of the object of music (as in ‘love’).

In this work the reduced orchestral landscapes demand the large ensembles (Orchestras) to achieve a result that lies at the higher end of acoustical preoccupation. As I am a ‘soundcologist’ surrounded in an environment that is constantly accelerating in a perception of time, I advocate pausation…in the emptiness and silence we encounter ourselves …an absence of sound, and thought.
Bil Smith
The concept of "universal music’ (aka: 'Love) is banal” and the only proper attitude towards the world of sonic phonomorphisis is hatred or apathy.  In a previous essay, I suggested a kind of radical violence, which cuts universally, is necessary to break through the false sense of universal music, of vacuous tolerance that dominates current discourse.
The response to this tolerant and empty form of universal music should not be an ethical violence, but more music.  The sentimentality of a kind of ethical music takes the form of a superegoic demand of the fetishist universe of composers.   ‘Love every music!’

"Bil Smith's critics—and there are many of them—have accused the master of deliberate obscurantism and misinterpretation of his sources—if not outright leg-pulling."

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Friday, November 3, 2017

Short Etude for Tuba

Technical Studies for Viola

Breakthrough Music Tablature Experiments Continue with Circos.

"A Tactical Comparison of the Net and Cutlass"  Bil Smith Composer

"A Tactical Comparison of the Net and Cutlass" Bil Smith Composer. 2011 & 2014. 

Score Excerpt...for Bass Flute 'Implicatio' and Soprano Trombone 'Meta-Induction'

"Angelita Vorkink, Piliphiliac"  The Score:  Bil Smith Composer

Score Excerpt (Flute) from"Partitions: Cambics Alive in Sensient Amplules"  Bil Smith Composer

"Phenodynamic A-Life Thesis"

"Spectral Codes" for Cornet and Bass Flute

Sunday, October 29, 2017

"Emblematic Suctusstupratio" for Orchestra" The Recording

"Emblematic Suctusstupratio" for Orchestra"  The Recording 
Bil Smith Composer.
This commission from a private sponsor was dictated by a strict adherence to a "Prescribed Multidimensional Network."
The pertinacious intent was to create a redundancy abject diverse procedural element. In the score, there is a complexity represented through moments of extreme sonic and physical activity as well as a a high degree of timbral diversity. In consideration of the score and the performance, I wanted to portray an enormous illuminated painting, unsettled, however with an intense detail.