Monday, November 30, 2020

"Everlest" for Pocket Flugelhorn. A Circos Tablature System.

"Everlest" for Pocket Flugelhorn

Beginning in 2012, composers at Laboratorie New Music have been working on modifications of the Circos program to create a systematic, fluid tablature system to facilitate compositional structure.  

The notion to explore this powerful visualization tool came about from a separate study we were conducting on the implications of 'Big Data' on outcomes relating to visualization and experimental musical tablatures.

The potential of big data is immense.  Eliminate constraints on the size, type, source and complexity of relevant data, and composers can ask bolder questions. Technology limitations that once required sampling or relied on assumptions to simplify high-density data sets have fallen to the march of technology. 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

"Visible in the Hair Were Six Blue Numerals" for Viola and Cello

"Modulus That Could Be Multiplied By A Lump Sum"

"Modulus That Could Be Multiplied By A Lump Sum" 
Bil Smith Composer
Zirnbauer Piccolo Trumpet, Cello, Truncated C Flute, Alto Flute, Roman Tuba, Lelo INA 2, Slide Trumpet, Small Chamber Orchestra with Tendency Masks, Stochastic Masking and Dense Trainlet Clouds.
Recorded at MSR Studios, New York, NY on April 9, 2013.
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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Recording: "The Assumptions of the Propulsion Phase" (Compaction Music)

"The Assumptions of the Propulsion Phase" (Compaction Music) - Bil Smith Composer
for Paramorphic Vibraphone, Rectocele Pocket Trumpet, Inderbinen Basstrompete Basso, LP Cajon Castanets, High Pitch; Chromium Gravitic Wood Flute and Dewanatron Swarmatron.

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