Monday, April 8, 2019

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Disruptive New Instruments at Laboratorie New Music

Eva Kingma Contrabass Flute Coming To Laboratorie New Music in January, 2016
Thanks to a kind and generous donation to Laboratorie New Music, have acquired several new, and disruptively innovative musical instruments.  Last year we announced the acquisition of the Piccolo Saxophone from Benedikt Eppelsheim. (also known as the Soprillo).

Benedikt Eppelsheim Piccolo Saxophone
Thomas Inderbinen's Tricky.  One of LNM's Current Portfolio Instruments

In addition, we announced the acquisition of the Eva Kingma Contrabass Flute.

Even more exciting are discussions about a special new project with that will create a new Ultra Sub-Contrabass Flute;  A new instrument which will redefine the lowest spectrum of the instrument. 

More to come...