Friday, July 28, 2023

Recording: "Beyond It A Quonset Of Clumber Spaniels"

"Beyond It A Quonset Of Clumber Spaniels" for Three String Quartets, Iontophoretic Delivery System and Vectrome
In this work, the material substance does not change... it adapts, refocuses, while retaining its singular identity.. The character of these chords differs throughout: some shimmer and pulsate like the vibration of adjunct or overlapping color values.
In this piece the substance does not exist in and of itself. Rather, it dissolves into a process of musical flow and becoming that constantly changes and can not be captured at any one moment; everything is in flux.
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GlycoMimetics, Man Ray and Vatican Roulette. The Score.

"GlycoMimetics, Man Ray and Vatican Roulette"

For B Flat Trumpet

Bil Smith Composer

"Recollectionist" for B Flat Trumpet .

There's this word... 'Phenom'.  Just like the Williams sisters, performers can be 'Phenoms.'

Yes, I do purposely write music that may be unplayable and uninterpretable for the same reason Cage wrote the Freeman Etudes (Yes, he did, although in the back of his mind, he always hoped).

It is exhilarating to find brilliant interpreters of your compositional efforts that live and breathe the work. Passionate and so entrenched/entranced by the prospect to be the first to accomplish what others can not do.

Today's rehearsal and recording is a complete event for a complete day. I'm going to find some wine now.

"Recollectionist" for B Flat Trumpet . Thanks to Vivendi for the opportunity to make this a realization.

Violin 'Hubris'

Sunday, July 16, 2023

"Short Half Life" for Cello

Short Half Life

For Solo Cello

Bil Smith Composer

A Commission from Holland America Line