Saturday, June 5, 2021

New Composition Tablatures With Circos (2021)

"Some Nebulous Northern Realm"
For Cadential Trombone, Alto Flute and Timpani

"The Cyclone Fence Enclosing Us"
For Piano, Celeste, Spring Drum and Quito (Conga)

"Farthest From Hideous Old"
For Tuba, Spinet Piano and Harp
"Safe Negatives"
For English Horn and Flugelhorn
"They Passed A Clean White Truck Which Was A Wall of Perfect Cream"
For String Trio
"Repulse Bay"
For Oboe

"Listening To Truck Thuds On The Concrete Over My Head"
For Trombone Trio

"Fire Fable" for Flute