Saturday, July 8, 2023

"For Fortunato Depero" for Chamber Quintet. Bil Smith Composer.

"For Fortunato Depero"

for Chamber Quintet. Bil Smith Composer. 

Kindly supported by Balenciaga. 

Premiere March 7 Paris, France. 
'Paris Fashion Week' Fall/Winter Show.

Composition, viewed through a certain lens, is a medium of obsolescence... expanding, at times reflexively, its own sense of being outmoded in medium, characterization, or artistic expression.

In the grinding friction between paradigms, however, an unforeseen effect, or evolutionarily untraceable quirk, is sometimes produced: a contorted acceptance of fate, or transcendence of sonic circumstance that is either Zen-like or the acquiescent sign of aural vitality. 
Score Detail

Score Detail

Score Detail

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