Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Third Regime: A Neotastic Compositional Principal Fostered at Laboratorie New Music. "Augmented Attempts at Rendering" for Orchestra, Primarily Strings

"Augmented Attempts at Rendering" for Orchestra, Primarily Strings - Bil Smith Composer on Laboratorie NewMusic label

In 2012, I was asked to create a work based on a defined aesthetic which I was well aware of, but was outside of my comfort to speak. This is a commission from SAP and I am thankful for their trust and willingness to explore.

This work is predicated on  ‘The Third Regime’, a neotastic compositional principal fostered at Laboratorie New Music.

 ‘The Third Regime’ is a deanthropomorphisation of a realist musical composition and the enduring chases between the spontaneous images of  a score;  this bequeathed to us by predictive kinematics. 

This is from a live recording in November, 2012 at BAM. The Brooklyn Academy of Music.

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