Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"Substrate Sanctuary" for Orchestra, Choir, and Tape

"Substrate Sanctuary" for Orchestra, Choir, and Tape (2013) - Bil Smith Composer


"...on the other hand Smith's work is ruminative, contemplative, and perhaps a touch melancholic, possessing what one might call sonic ambivalence.

His bold yet delicate orchestration and the elegance of his post-complexity gesture arise from his conviction that a text score's narrative power lies in its ability to reach the bone of an idea by flensing off excess flesh and fat.

He believes in disturbing those complacent conventions of narrative sprawl that serve to muddle the craft of compositional notation.

He does not indulge in leaps of imagination for their own sake, but aspires to create a fictional realm that was recognizably continuous with observed reality, of a piece with the actual world in which the work resides and performs its historical argument."

Mike Barnes - "The Guardian"

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