Friday, October 9, 2015


Transparency.  I am writing transparently.  Richard Barrett owns the notes...all of the notes.

How I use choose notation systems is supposed to be invisible to you so that you can follow what I am composing.

If instead, I was to compose in the equivalent of ALL CAPS, I move to the material or oblique.

You would first notice the way it looked, then --- noting that CAPS generally connote SHOUTING --- it's tone, and last, it's message.  

In day-to-day life we rarely notice the material properties of composition and music except for when, say, we encounter a 'stutter' or a music with a heavy accent towards the unknown.

We first notice how this music is presented, second we decode what we are hearing.

When we listen to an opera in a language we do not understand, we push language's formal properties to the front -- its cadences and rhythms---choosing sound over sense.

If we further choose to invert the transparency of notation, we can hear the sounds or see them as shapes.


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