Friday, February 10, 2023

"Fundamental Overture" and Performativity

"Fundamental Overture" 
Bil Smith Composer
Performativity is the hallmark of thinking in accordance with immanence.
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It provides the cri­terion for an important contrast between the self­ suf´Čücient or musical practice of composition and its empirical activity whose claim to theoretical legitimacy is only ever assured through its performance.
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It may be that this Fundamental Overture's crisp, sharply delineated mode of abstraction turns out to be far more concrete than those nebulous abstractions which composers try to pass off as instances of concretion.
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In other words, the criteria for evaluating the worth of 'Non-Compositional'­ function are not available to composers, who know not what they do.
In 'Non-Composition', radical axiomatic abstraction gives rise, not to a system or doctrine inviting assent or dissent, but to an immanent methodology whose function for music no one is in a position to evaluate as yet.
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Ultimately, then, 'Non-Composition' can only be gauged in terms of what it can do.
And no one yet knows what 'Non-Composition' can or cannot do.

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