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"Preoccupied By The Slight Duplicity" 
for Piccolo Trumpet

"Preoccupied By The Slight Duplicity" 

for  Piccolo Trumpet

Bil Smith Composer

Commissioned by Posco

Published by LNM Editions

"Preoccupied By The Slight Duplicity" for Piccolo Trumpet presents itself as a formidable interrogation of the symbolic order, ensnaring the performer in a web of sonic duplicity that is both bewildering and enlightening. This work, embodying a polarizing directional notation system, invites us into a dialectical discourse with the Real, the Imaginary, and the Symbolic. The composition, with its shaped abstract iconography, straddles the liminal spaces between image, landscape, and object, challenging the trumpeter to confront the elusive nature of representation itself.

The abundance of material in this piece may initially present as obstinate and sprawling, a labyrinthine expanse of sound that resists facile interpretation. Yet, this apparent resistance is a deliberate invitation to engage more deeply, to listen more intently. It does not tire; rather, it magnetizes, pulling the listener into a vortex of continuous evolution. This evolution, however, operates beneath the surface, in the subterranean depths of the musical text, where meaning is both constructed and deconstructed.

The exploration of space within the composition, coupled with a blatant disregard for the plane, gestures towards a fascination with dynamism that harks back to the Futurists' obsession with movement and the mechanization of the modern world. Yet, this is not mere replication; it is a critical engagement with the idea of movement, where the dynamism of the piece becomes a metaphor for the incessant flux of the psyche. The sensuousness of the forms, their tactility, invites a haptic engagement with sound, where the interpreter is compelled to 'feel' the music, to experience its textures as if touching the contours of the unconscious.

In employing a polarizing directional notation system, the composition defies the traditional linear progression of musical narrative, opting instead for a structure that embodies the concept of the Möbius strip, where inside and outside cease to hold their conventional meanings, and opposites merge in a continuous loop of difference and repetition. This notational system is not merely a technical innovation; it is a philosophical stance, embodying the principle that the journey through the musical landscape is one of perpetual becoming, where destination is both everywhere and nowhere.

The shaped abstract iconography, oscillating between the status of image, landscape, and object, serves as a visual counterpart to the auditory experience, creating a multisensory dialogue between the seen and the unheard. This interplay highlights the inherent duplicity of representation, where signifiers float free of their signifieds, and meaning becomes a slippery terrain of endless deferral. In this context, the slight duplicity referenced in the title is not a mere play on words; it is a profound commentary on the nature of signification itself, where the signifier is always preoccupied with the elusive signified, in a dance of desire and disillusionment.

"Preoccupied By The Slight Duplicity" stands as a work that challenges our perceptions of space, time, and identity. It invites us to reconsider our relationship with sound, not as a passive receptacle for auditory stimuli, but as active participants in a psychoanalytic drama where the boundaries between self and other, subject and object, are continually blurred and reconstituted. Through its sheer abundance of material, its disregard for conventional planes, and its sensuous tactility, the composition beckons us towards a radical openness to the unknown, a willingness to encounter the Other in all its guises, and to embrace the perpetual motion of desire that drives the human condition.

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