Sunday, July 31, 2022

New Work: The Dynamic Spatialist Score

Paolo Scheggi's "Intersuperficie curva bianca"

With inspiration from Paolo Scheggi and Enrico Castellani, I began this commission for solo cello with the intent of pushing the boundaries of traditional notation into new dimensions.

I wanted to embrace investigations into the relationship between the surface and depth of the visual field and how it shapes the Cellist’s musical lexicon. In the physical score, I am introducing three monochromatic surfaces each perforated with biomorphic or geometric openings and layered one on top of the other.  Each surface plane measures 32” X 16”. 

The templates that follow represent the layers with the red outline being the bottom layer, the blue  being the middle layer and the black being the top layer.  The three layers are bound together with epoxy and represent a set.

The wide border surrounding the grid of apertures acts as a visual pause, giving the work a notable balance between the dynamism of the openings and the stillness of the balance of the layer.

Executed in a monochromatic white, I seek to present a combination of balance, tension and materiality.

This is simply the initial foundation for the work.  There will be further elements I will introduce as the work progresses.

Top Layer Die Cut Template

Middle Layer Die Cut Template

Bottom Layer Die Cut Template


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