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"A Faraway Curtain Of Purged Hide Whose Edges Let In Blue Light" for Bass Trumpet and Flute


"A Faraway Curtain Of Purged Hide Whose Edges Let In Blue Light" 

for Bass Trumpet and Flute

Bil Smith Composer


Link To PDF of Full Score (15 pages)

Published By LNM Editions

At the heart of this composition lies a planimetric system of notation, a dense patterned topographical system, which organizes motifs in a manner that is inherently continuous yet segmented categorically. The continuous nature of these motifs presents a controlled fluidity while their categorical segmentation imposes a structure that demands meticulous attention to detail from the performers.

The score further defines itself through the use of a dissimilar combination of spatial references, which serve to produce displacements within the musical narrative. These displacements are not random but are carefully calculated to yield the perspective information necessary for performance calibration. By manipulating spatial references, I created a sonic landscape that is constantly shifting, compelling the performers to adapt their interpretive strategies in real-time. This dynamic interplay between spatiality and sound adds an additional layer of complexity to the piece, challenging performers to recalibrate their approaches continuously.

The performers must embrace the recognition of the mutability of substances as a driving force behind the score's structure. This mutability is not merely a metaphorical concept but a tangible element that influences both the creation and execution of the piece. Just as substances change state in response to external conditions, so too does the musical material of this composition respond to the interpretive decisions of the performers. The initial composition, while providing a framework for the piece, is only one component of its ultimate realization. The true essence of the work emerges in the interplay between the written score and the performers' interpretation, a dynamic process that gives life to the music in real-time.

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