Monday, May 1, 2017

"Apprehending the Radical Formalism of Unplayable Compositions"

Brigade des Forces Sp├ęciales Terre, BFST

In this work, I propose a new way of apprehending the radical formalism of unplayable compositions and seek to unveil the politics of the score. In doing so, I attempt to expose the mechanics and radical formalism as a practice that moves beyond aesthetic considerations into the realms of ideology and materiality.

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Shayatet 13
For Chamber Orchestra, Allele Adsorbtion (Viola), Inverted Cryoacceleration PlasmoTransmutation (French Horn), Polonium Oscillation (Oboe), Titanium TechnoIonization (Tuba), Unlimited Crystosolution (English Horn), Xenon Aquasaturation (Alto Flute), Revised Albedo Solution (Trombone/Bass Trombone), Rotating Buffer Configuration (B Flat Clarinet), Cytoaccretion ( Bell Tower), Delta Wave Hypnooxidation (Timpani), Fractional Hydrocarbon Osmosis (Accordion), and Irradiated Autosplicing (Guitar)

"My view is that recent attempts at explaining aesthetic ineffability have been unsuccessful. Either they misrepresent what aesthetic ineffability consists in, or they leave important aspects of it unexplained. By creating a new musical language (syntacticon/lexicon) I show how a more satisfying account might be developed, once a distinction is made between two kinds of awareness"

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