Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Recording: “Olivia Fortitude” (2005-2013) Bil Smith Composer

“Olivia Fortitude”


Bil Smith Composer.

Tape, Polymorphous Tape, Behavioral Tape, Tape Procession. 

Commissioned by BHP Billiton Ltd., Andrew Mackenzie

Total = Four Tapes. 

The ideas in my work are on a continuum, engaged with the issues of our time but also conceptually and formally evolving out of my earliest encounters with other artists and composers.
This work unflinchingly scrutinizes the effects of age and experience on skin and tissue to invite a deeper reflection on temporality and a more intimate encounter between the listener and the composition.
Toward the end of this work, I attempt to empty original functions and significances, so they may invite new narratives and categorizations.

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