Saturday, September 10, 2016

Laboratorie New Music: A Colloboratorie

Our work is about grafting futures being envisageable without contradiction.  The abandonment of real neccessity permits one last elucidation.

Spatial material logic of pseudosonic collage…a step in the direction of discontinuity;  of organizing blocks of discourse simultaneously in space rather than connectively in time.

Bil Smith Composer​'s compositional style is a droll burlesque of entrepreneurial mantras in which economic and alimentary figures of consumption collude. He adopts the composer's equivalent of a palindrome as a heuristic device for mirroring the logic of reification. The linguistic engine driving the work is hilariously dumb, as if metaphors were being interpreted by algorithmic shoppers. Eventually the laughter dies out, the image market grinds on and music will never be the same. 

 - Andreas Gursky,NY, NY.  March, 2015  

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