Sunday, April 2, 2023

"Triumphant Fantasy". The Score For Echo Cornet

Bil Smith's "Triumphant Fantasy": A Disruptive New Score for the Echo Cornet

Bil Smith is a  composer and musician who has been pushing the boundaries of brass music for years. His latest work, "Triumphant Fantasy," is a disruptive new musical score that showcases the unique capabilities of the Echo Cornet.

The Echo Cornet is a duplex instrument that embodies the characteristics of two different instruments, allowing the player to choose between an open or muted tone almost instantaneously. This feature is central to Smith's composition, as he explores the instrument's versatility and unique sound.

"Triumphant Fantasy" is part of Smith's single-page "Fantasy" series of compositions for the trumpet family, and it's one of his most innovative works to date. The composition features a mix of open and muted tones, showcasing the instrument's ability to produce different textures and sounds.

Smith's score is also notable for its use of the Echo Cornet's additional rotary valve, which allows the player to change the total length of tubing used and, therefore, the pitch of the instrument. This feature adds a new dimension to the piece, as the player can explore different keys and tonalities.

The Echo Cornet used in Smith's composition is made entirely of silver-plated brass and features three top-sprung piston valves, with coiled springs, brass disc pin guides, and cork bumpers. The shorter fourth piston valve activates the muted bell, and it is bottom-sprung with a metal guide pin on the bottom of the piston. The second bell attachment can be disassembled through a ligature screw ferrule joint, adding to the instrument's versatility.

Smith's "Triumphant Fantasy" is a groundbreaking composition that highlights the Echo Cornet's unique capabilities. The piece is a testament to Smith's innovative approach to music composition and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of brass music.

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