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"Imperial Catechism". For Piccolo and Corno da Caccia. The Full Score (PDF)

Corno da Caccia

"Imperial Catechism"

For Piccolo and Corno da Caccia

Bil Smith Composer

Published By LNM Editions

(Laboratorie New Music)

Link to The Full Score (PDF)

Within the score for "Imperial Catechism" we find a notational approach that eschews conventional musical symbols in favor of permutations of geometric forms and symbolic ciphers. These elements are paired and displaced, crafting a visual and auditory puzzle that beckons the performers to engage in a deeper level of interpretation and interaction with the piece. This method not only challenges the performers to rethink their approach to music-making but also invites them to traverse the poles of expressivity, from surplus to subjugation, within the framework of the composition.

The score of is a veritable playground of artifactual expression, exploiting the fluctuating value and overavailability of certain images within the current visual economy. By presenting these images in an alternate visual context, the composition transforms what might otherwise be considered exhausted motifs into elements of a fantasy that serves as a vehicle for exploring the legitimacy or absurdity of the underlying phenomena. This approach stages a paradoxical confrontation between excess and impoverishment—or precarity—highlighting the tension between abundance and lack that permeates the modern compositional experience.

In considering the contemporary doxa of sculptural notational production, "Imperial Catechism" occupies a unique position. The piece can be understood as contextualist, engaging with questions of site-specificity, discursive, and institutional criticality.

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