Wednesday, August 30, 2023

"Aftonian Sequenza" For Solo Instrument

"Aftonian Sequenza"

For Solo Instrument

Bil Smith

I’m really interested in examining not only the status of the notation as a potential form of agency in and of itself, but also the question of what the figure of agency is in composition; and trying to somehow work through this ideal of interpretation in music composition.

The combinatorial visualized score of "Aftonian Sequenza" defies the confines of conventional notation, embracing a language of juxtaposed symbols, intersecting lines, imagery and layered textures. This visual language embodies the very essence of combinatorial exploration, where the performer's role extends beyond the confines of a traditional interpreter .

As we venture deeper into the score's enigmatic terrain, we encounter a dialectic of agency and interpretation. The notion of agency, once rooted in the hands of the composer, now becomes a collaborative effort between composer, performer, and the score itself. The score assumes agency by inviting the performer to navigate its intricate visual syntax, where each element serves as a signpost pointing toward a multitude of sonic possibilities.

Interpretation, in this context, transcends the mere execution of written notes. It becomes an act of engagement with the visualized score, a dance between the performer's intuition and the score's encoded provocations.

The score's design draws inspiration from the urban landscape as it absorbs influences from a myriad of artistic disciplines. The score's visual eclecticism engages with interdisciplinary collaboration, where architecture intersects with philosophy, art, and technology. The composition weaves threads of various artistic languages, forging a holistic experience that transcends traditional musical boundaries.

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