Sunday, August 20, 2023

Excerpt from New Score. A Solo Work for Oboe.


This new commission for solo oboe defies conventional norms, harnessing the interplay between visual art and sonic expression. Its creation is underpinned by a visionary synthesis, melding the complex techniques of Sheila Hick's fabric art with the fluorescence of Flavin's work and the spatial dynamism inherent in the canvases of Fontana and Castellani. This amalgamation yields a composition that challenges preconceptions, paving the way for a novel auditory journey.

At the heart of this innovative composition lies a profound departure from the norm. The score's nontraditional layout on the page is, in itself, a visual statement. It beckons the performer to explore new territories, much like the artists who inspired it.

Central to the piece's identity is the deliberate use of "image-breaking" techniques. Just as Fontana pierced the canvas and Castellani manipulated surfaces, this oboe Sequenza embraces the art of rupture, defying sonic boundaries. The sonic "image" of the oboe undergoes fragmentation and reassembly, inviting the listener into a new auditory domain.

The piece's morphological aspect, a captivating feature, arises through a mesmerizing range of techniques. Multiphonics, alternate fingerings, double trills, trills with microintervals, overblowing, and non-standard articulations like flutter-tonguing compose the palette from which this sonic tapestry emerges.

The multiphonic manipulation serves a dual purpose. On one hand, they simulate polyphony, opening the gates to a rich auditory landscape. On the other, they function as a sonic kaleidoscope, mirroring the intricate layering of sound that engulfs us. The multiphonic trill, for instance, employs a four-pitch cell, threading pitches already existing within the texture. This interplay of tones, both essential and supplementary, foreshadows the gradual saturation of chromatic possibilities—an embodiment of sonic growth and evolution.

In this endeavor, I not only craft a musical narrative but also draw from the wellspring of visual artistry. The oboe "Sequenza" becomes a canvas where inspiration and technique converge, echoing the exploratory spirit of Hicks, Flavin, Fontana, and Castellani. The work becomes a testament to the harmonious resonance between diverse artistic domains.

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