Sunday, September 17, 2023

NEW PAGES TO SCORE: "The Magnesium Device Whose Undulations Lulled Me Into the Illusion" for 'Maroon' (A Newly Designed Brass Instrument from Thomas Inderbinen)

for 'Maroon' (A Newly Designed Brass/Trumpet Variation from Thomas Inderbinen)

Bil Smith Composer

Published by LNM Editions

About 'Maroon':

"Maroon" is a newly developed instrument from Thomas Inderbinen. It is played with a trumpet mouthpiece but the construction is more like a flugelhorn. The Maroon is characterized by a very big, warm sound which can nevertheless be centered in the direction of a trumpet. It has an unbelievably easy response in the low as well as in the high register. In the words of Inderbinen "The barriers between trumpet and flugelhorn have fallen, and a new dimension in the sound of wind instruments has been created."

The first three pages of the score with inspiration from Lucio Fontana, Mimmo Totaro, Cage's Fontana Mix and Neville Brody.  
Published by LNM Editions

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