Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Crafting Oretic New Notational Systems with Circos

"Systemic Sciamachy" for Calibrated Vibraphone 

Circos is a novel software program  for visualizing data and information. It visualizes data in a circular layout — this makes Circos ideal for exploring relationships between objects or positions. Circos was initially designed for displaying genomic data (particularly cancer genomics and comparative genomics) and molecular biology.
"Adelaide: Thudding Like an Immense Tidal Pulse"

Beginning in 2012, composers at Laboratorie New Music have been working on modifications of the Circos program to create a systematic, fluid tablature system to facilitate compositional structure.  

The notion to explore this powerful visualization tool came about from a separate study we were conducting on the implications of 'Big Data'.

The potential of big data is immense.  Eliminate constraints on the size, type, source and complexity of relevant data, and composers can ask bolder questions.

"Source Default of Any Other"

Technology limitations that once required sampling or relied on assumptions to simplify high-density data sets have fallen to the march of technology. 

"Half Afraid of Breaking the Spell Between Them, an Expression of Curiously Understanding Sympathy"

"Elise: Whored at the Bottom of the Staircase"

"Sentient Archives for Louis"

At Laboratorie New Music, we have been working towards the realization of alternative musical tablatures; some highly restrictive and some indeterminate. We are proponents of game theory, constructivism, computational linguistics, ellipsometry, and hypoliterary fragmentation; cross disciplinarian approaches to unearthing new methodologies to construct musical languages.

Page from the Score of "Explorer, Producer, Stoic, After Your Fashion" for String Quartet.  Acetate, plexiglass, zinc powder, oil, mica, oil pen and combustion.

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