Friday, February 26, 2016

"This Cool Limbed Young Woman was a Modulus" (2013) Bil Smith Composer. Commentary by Antony Gormley.

"This Cool Limbed Young Woman was a Modulus" 


Bil Smith Composer

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...for Featured Violinist, Chamber Orchestra, Volute Springs attached to Vinalon and Derclon Synthetic Fibers, Cumulatively Compounded DC Motors, 3" Cork Balls, and Phase Change Alloys.

"In anthropic music composition theory we identify a wave function, that mimicking certain theories of physics, as possessing curves in varying configuration space traversed at a dictated speed with respect to an external time. (The composer's phenomenology of substantial selfhood)."

"At times brilliantly original, particularly in the latter half of the work, I felt the conclusion is on par with his (Bil Smith's) best work.  This composition is an example of a 'strange attractor'... a brilliant reductionist theological agenda of a kingdom which he protests and cherish.  It's center stage and full of flare."

"...In Smith there is a clear thread that realizes itself through all the meandering -- what is contingent turns out, after the fact, to be realizing an inner necessity. Those of us who've followed Bil's work know that this is the case with virtually everything he composes; but here the drive to realize unity, what he is trying to say, his truth, through his most diverse array of sources and references and observations -- this is here more than in any other composition he has presented."

-Antony Gormley, Artist

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