Thursday, May 19, 2016

"Magic of the Ancient Lunar Rainbows" for 13 violins - Bil Smith Composer. The Recording and Inspiration

"Magic of the Ancient Lunar Rainbows" 
for 13 violins 

Bil Smith Composer

This recording and performance made possible by a grant from Saint-Gobain S.A.
In this piece I attempt to create a new topography in which the performers need to familiarize themselves with separating and combining, in new ways, the actions of the left and right hands.
My inspiration for this work:  
Haroldo de Campos’ ‘Galaxias’, Pino Pascali’s ‘Trap’, Mina Loy’s ‘Love Songs’ and Thomas Ruff’s ‘Substrats’ and Sebastiano Timpanaro's theories of disimprovement and contextual play borrowed from the field of literary criticism.

Haroldo de Campos’ ‘Galaxias’

Pino Pascali’s ‘Trap’

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