Saturday, May 28, 2016

"Emblematic Suctusstupratio" for Orchestra (2011-2014) Bil Smith Composer. New Recording on Laboratorie New Music

"Emblematic Suctusstupratio" for Orchestra (2011-2014) 
Bil Smith Composer.
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This commission from a private sponsor was dictated by a strict adherence to a "Prescribed Multidimensional Network."

The pertinacious intent was to create a redundancy abject diverse procedural element. In the score, there is a complexity represented through moments of extreme sonic and physical activity as well as a a high degree of timbral diversity. In consideration of the score and the performance, I wanted to portray an enormous illuminated painting, unsettled, however with an intense detail.
As I composed this work, there nearest to me was a dark haired woman with a white laboratory coat, (She stood on the foam flecked lawn on the Duke Mansion); Twelve (exactly)actors resting between takes, and a woman with a widow's empty face, the mother of someone I guessed. The last of these witnesses to my composition was a man of about thirty...naked but for his tanning trunks.
In the central development of this work, the upward lines and the blistered clusters, with an uneasy friction, push against sonic gravity to complete the gestural leaps of ambiguity.

My 'temptron' of tastaglium elevation. (vena amoris)
Bil Smith Composer, written at Venusberg, Vermont, July 4, 2014.

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