Wednesday, December 21, 2016

"Pitless Tapers" - New Recording

Instrumentarium inspired by Thomas Struth

"Pitless Tapers" - New Recording, December 21, 2013
Bil Smith Composer

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Logistrum Score Matrix Utilizing
Circos Software
For Chamber Ensemble, Sub-ContraBass Flute (Kotato & Fukushima), Bass Flugelhorn; Sopranino Saxophone; Antio-Phase Elevation Device; Logistrum; Valianest Marimba; Bass Banjo and Amplified Adjusted Bass Flute.
Sub-ContraBass Flute 
Where there is so much talk of liberation there are sure to be very disturbing reverberations within the world of established, acceptable criteria. The liberation of words, objects, sounds, etc., should be seen as different from the confusions surrounding the idea of making them free. They are already free, before anyone ever thinks of using them. The idea of them being liberated is relative to the use that they have been put to (and enslaved by) in the past.
They cannot be more free than they are, but they can be liberated from their conceptual inheritance, and we from ours. That is the point at which we can realize that we are already as free as words, objects, and sounds are. Everything is then free to move in all directions to all meanings.
Earle Brown, 1965

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