Tuesday, December 27, 2016

RECORDING: "Pharoah Flypole". From The Concertzender Program.


Pharoah Flypole is an exploration of the extended sound world in which the ideated electronic instrument dwells. The two most evident features of the composition are: the tutti, and the avoidance almost completely of the use of pitched material.

My use of approximate notation in highly dense and rhythmical settings further allows for an erratic sound-quality when performed, which not only helps alter the instrument output, but also obliterates the clean, well phrased and ‘well behaved’ performance.

The ideated instruments are organized around a physical model of an 8 stringed instrument capable of producing a huge amount of distortion and internal feedback. This instrument responds to the material played by the virtual performer/percussionist, attempting to track the pitch of these sometimes “unpitched” instruments as best it can.

This work is part of a series on Concertzender curated by Roland Kuit.

Roland Kuit

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