Friday, November 24, 2023

"Ilatom" for Potentiated Voices, Piano and Modulator

"Ilatom" for Potentiated Voices, Piano and Modulator
 Premiered at Merkin Hall in February, 2013. 
Less than two minutes long and one year to create. 
This performance recorded May 21, 2013 at Bowery Performance Space.
On SoundCloud:
"The vocalists occupy the center of the space faced outwards directing the sound into the tubular passageways which have been partitioned off with metal and glass plates creating chambers that are optically and acoustically permeable.
Buried in the strata of "Ilatom" are deposits of grainy textures, nests of overtones and more juxtaposed arrangements than the length of this work would suggest."
- David Keenan for The Independent

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