Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Preview of New Commissioned Compositions for 2023: Works in Progress: Trio for Flute Bassoon and Tuba (Guillioche)

In this new piece for the trio of Flute, Bassoon and Tuba, I employ a Guillioche design aesthetic as a compositional tool.  Guilloché (/ɡɪˈlʃ/; or guilloche) is a decorative technique in which a very precise, intricate and repetitive pattern  is mechanically engraved into an underlying material via engine turning, which uses a machine of the same name, also called a rose engine lathe. This mechanical technique improved on more time-consuming designs achieved by hand and allowed for greater delicacy, precision, and closeness of line, as well as greater speed.

From Cardew's Treatise Handbook....

"However, the years of work on Treatise have furnished me with a fund of experience obviously distinct from the experience embodied in the score itself.  And this fund continues to accumulate , since my experience of and with the piece is by no means completed with the completion of the score ; so some of the excreta of this fund may as well be made available to those who, because it 's published, may shortly wish to be occupied with the score."

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