Thursday, October 20, 2016

Extended Trumpet Techniques for The Composer and The Performer

Extended Trumpet Techniques for The Composer and The Performer 
from Amy Kristine Cherry

I am always on the lookout for resources which may be useful regarding extended techniques for instruments.  This was an interesting find from Amy Kristine Cherry from The University of Cincinnati. 

Topics such as slideless trumpet overtone and pitch tendencies; Kurt Stone's notational method for subtle mute changes and Blatter/Zonn vibrato variances notation present novel tools for the contemporary composer.

From the Abstract...

The impetus for this study was the question of whether extended techniques are actually being taught in college trumpet studio settings as standard skills necessary on the instrument. 

The specific purposes of this document included: 1) catalogue the extended techniques available to today’s trumpet performer, 2) reflect on their current use and address the question of how and when students are introduced to extended techniques, 3) contribute pedagogical exercises and suggestions to aid trumpeters in the study of some of the more challenging techniques, and 4) conclude with a Guided Approach to the literature detailing suggestions for the study of the twenty pieces referenced in this document.

A survey was conducted of the current pedagogical status of extended techniques at the collegiate level. 

The online survey, which included questions regarding how and when students are introduced to extended techniques in their study of the trumpet, was completed by 166 college and university trumpet studio teachers from the United States and Canada. Examination of the results offers a unique view of the attention currently being given to extended techniques in college trumpet studios; they provide insight into specific teaching materials and performance repertoire being used by studio teachers today.

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