Sunday, January 29, 2023

Casual Fermion System for Solo Piano. Bil Smith Composer

"Casual Fermion System" for Solo Piano. 

Bil Smith Composer

Premiere Performance 

CSW59/Beijing+20 (2015)

The 59th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women 
The United Nations, New York, NY

This work for piano is inspired by the Lagrangian formulation of classical notational field theory  The pianist with instruction: 'a piacere', mimics the dynamics on a causal fermion system that is described by a variational principle defined as follows.

In contemporary physical theories regarding hyper-notational systems, the notion of space-time refers to a Lorentzian manifold (M,g). This means that space-time is a set of points enriched by topological and geometric structures cast into a syntactic score arrangement .

The organization of the meters is closely aligned with the organization of tempos.

In the context of causal fermion systems, space-time does not need to have a manifold notational structure. Instead, space-time M is a set of operators on a Hilbert space (a subset of \mathcal F). 

This implies additional inherent structures that correspond to and generalize usual objects on a space-time manifold in this score represented the vibration sequencing of the color bars on the bottom of the score.

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