Wednesday, January 18, 2023

"Verna Blase Tomassi" (A Compaction Music). Recording on SoundCloud

"Verna Blase Tomassi" (A Compaction Music) for Chamber Ensemble, Shortwave Radio, Voice, and Modified Ultra WideBand Transformer 

Bil Smith Composer

From Dan Tramte, "Ursatzing the Unursatzable"

Trailer to Dan's project Ursatzing the unursatzable.

"This work blurs the distinction between composition and theory by transforming the latter into a creative practice such as the former, and thus packaging the two into a ‘meta-art-form.’ 

Indeed, the composer/theorist’s virtuosity is measured by two factors: 1) his/her ability to find new and elegant methods to execute the analysis on the spot, and 2) the difficulty level of analysis for the piece at hand. 

I have, and will continue to analyze works by 1960s American Experimentalists (e.g., John Cage, Earle Brown, etc.), New Conceptualists (e.g., Johannes Kreidler), Compaction composers (e.g., Bil Smith Composer), and many more."

-Dan Tramte

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