Thursday, October 6, 2016

'Arret Media' program produced by Yérri-Gaspar Hummel

My heartfelt thanks to Yérri-Gaspar Hummel for doing a wonderful job of curating and producing this radio program of an interview with me and selected musical excerpts.  I first met Yerri at Darmstadt in 2012.

This afternoon, I once again realized the result of his work with an audience of students from Barnard. Yerri is a intensely dedicated musician and composer, funny, witty and charismatic. This was the sixth time I have shared this program over the past year.  Link Below on MixCloud.

 Yérri-Gaspar Hummel

Yerri has programmed Brian Ferneyhough, Joelle Leandre, and Manos Tangaris and it is an honor to be included in his "Arret Media" series of in-depth profiles of composers. 

Thank you Yérri.

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