Friday, October 21, 2016

Kähler Manifold. Bil Smith Composer

Kähler Manifold

Commissioned by Kose, CHUO-KU, Japan

Bil Smith Composer

Contemporary Composition has a bad rap these days.  Some say it’s just intellectual masturbation — that you’ll spend your life engaging in an activity that you find stimulating but that will never produce anything of value.
I don’t think that’s right. Typically masturbation stays between you and the occasional family member who’s unfortunate enough to open the door without knocking. Composition, by contrast, is meant to be shared.
That’s why being a professional composer is more like making a living donating your gametes to strangers.  Masturbation might be involved, but if so it’s just the beginning.  Eventually you can spawn something great. 
One day someone might take one of your compositions out of storage, thaw it out, and implant it in a generation of fertile young minds.  So don’t worry if some poor benighted souls fail to see the value of your often-solitary labors.

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