Sunday, June 12, 2016

Commissions and Such

"Go Bless The Radius Bath of Ghent" for Solo Violin (2013)
Commissioned by Merck EMD

In an unusual setting, I was asked to create a unique composition for a client in my other-life, creating brand names (Professional Neologist).  You can visit the website of the company I founded  (The site was designed by the iconic graphic designer, David Carson):

This was a request from an admirer of new music...he spoke of Aaron Cassidy, Peter Veale, Ablinger, Chaya CzernowinEnsemble Nikel, Peter Ablinger, Brian Ferneyhough, Arditti, Pierluigi Billone and Georges Aperghis as his inspirations, yet due to his life commitments, he could not pursue his dream of becoming a composer of new music. I realized, some days you have to pinch yourself...remind yourself about what you do and be very thankful.

- Bil Smith

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