Sunday, June 5, 2016

Recording: "Alloverbiage - Disentopic Lexicon That May Prompt Assent"

"Alloverbiage - Disentopic Lexicon That May Prompt Assent" 
Bil Smith Composer, Interprète Perturbateur

with Matthias Pintscher, Matthias Spahlinger, Gérard Grisey, Olga Neuwirth and Horațiu Rădulescu.
From 2007, we at Laboratorie NewMusic have incubated a concept of 'compaction music'. Compaction music arrives as a theory which repudiates an ontology (operationalism) while enjoying its benefits (illicit majors), thrives on vagrancies of ordinary music and froths at the mechanism of behavior. Much, much more forthcoming.

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